Mark trained to be a chef for 2 years in New York at the Culinary Institute of America and then went on to cook in Michelin starred restaurants throughout the UK. In 2005, he met Nadine at The Vineyard at Stockcross in Berkshire and one year later both decided to move to Scotland, where Mark worked as Sous-chef in The Peat Inn, which is now a Michelin star restaurant.
In 2008, Mark decided to return to education and graduated with a Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management from the prestigious Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland. Having always worked as a chef, he wanted to try out the other side of the restaurant and took on the role as Food and Beverage Manager at Rocca Bar & Grill within the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel in St.Andrews, Scotland. In St.Andrews, the home of golf, Mark experienced different types of guests and their demands.

Ski status: ski pro

  • What is he good at: ironing, makes most yummy food ever!!!!
  • What is he not so good at: filing receipts and paper
  • Interest: loves F1 and Rugby
  • Favorite drink: cider
  • Loves: Nadine
  • Dislikes: brussels sprouts and rainy days
  • Motto: Just get it done!!!


Nadine, originally from Schwerin in Germany, began her career as a waitress in Germany and Switzerland and worked from mountain hotels to 5star hotels.

Nadine loves hospitality and meeting people. She loves to work in a small team and works very hard to make Book4Alps become a leading Brand in bespoke Chalet Holidays. Nadine is in charge of marketing, social media, human resources and finance and with her German organisation all paperwork is super structured and colour coded.

Ski status: Intermediate and totally beginner for snowboarding

  • What is she good at: giving orders, filing, cleaning and organizing everyone else!!!
  • What is she not so good at: cooking, baking or any kind of kitchen work
  • Interest: art, craft, travelling and languages
  • Favorite drink: pink champagne
  • Loves: Mark
  • Dislikes: garden work and hot peppers
  • Motto: Everything is possible!

Aubin WorkingAubin

Aubin has worked many years in farming in Cupar, near St.Andrews in Scotland and run a B&B with Jackie, where he first discovered his love for hospitality. He loves meeting people, good food and wine and appreciates the French way of life. Aubin has great ways of entertaining a group of people and making everybody comfortable. He is the only one of us who speaks French fluently and therefore Aubin is in high demand.

Ski status: not as great as he thinks he is!

  • What is he good at: driving minivans
  • What is he not so good at: listening and remembering to take his phone with him
  • Interest: sports, golf and ski
  • Favorite drink: red wine
  • Loves: adventure
  • Dislikes: soap operas and rice pudding
  • Motto: How much?

Jackie RelaxingJackie

Jackie loves living in France as the weather is warmer and the sun shines more often than in Scotland. She has helped Aubin many years on their farm in Scotland and run a B&B. Jackie has many different talents, such as flower decorator, interior designer, embroiderer, lacemaker and beader. She loves to work with her hands and has made all the curtains and cushions in both chalets and has a good eye for detail in everything she does. Jackie is very inventive and comes up with crazy ideas, which often have come very successful.

Ski status: mum like

  • What is she good at: art, cooking, good with hands
  • What is she not so good at: diplomacy
  • Interest: handcraft and being creative
  • Favorite drink: champagne of course
  • Loves: quality
  • Dislikes: snakes and cruelty
  • Motto: Some things are meant!

James H

James is an easy going and fun person to be around. He is famously known by his friends for his food and his photography. He is very passionate in all that he does and takes a lot of pride in his hobbies. He found enjoyment in outdoor activities and recently became an outdoor instructor, his daily routine would include; zip wire, high ropes and kayaking. From a young age James has had a keen interest in cooking, this all began with helping his mum in the kitchen. she taught him the basics on how to cook and from there his love of different cuisines and creative flavors started.

Although finding himself with outdoor education cooking remained a big influence until the opportunity arose to become a chalet host and brought it full circle.

Snowboard status: Intermediate

  • Ski status: Intermediate
  • What is he good at: Fixing things (most of the time)
  • What is he not so good at: The lottery
  • Interests: “Expensive” hobbies
  • Favorite drink: Porter ale
  • Loves: Adrenalin sports.
  • Dislikes: Sprouts, burnt toast
  • Motto: Do or do not there is no try.



Emma is a caring and helpful person, who goes  above and beyond to help out even if she isn’t sure how to do it she will find a way to get it done. A great entertainer and full of energy, always with a terrible joke or two. Children love her, animals are weirdly attracted to her (think some kind of Disney character)  you’d be surprised the amount of things she has done during her time in the RAF cadets and as various roles on stages, from flying a plane to making balloon dogs.

She now enjoys working alongside James as a chalet host and is hoping to improve her snowboarding.

Snowboard status: If I don’t fall over I consider it a good run

  • What is she good at: Cheering everyone up
  • What is she not so good at: only eating one bit of chocolate
  • Interests: Singing, balloon modeling
  • Favorite drink: Pina Colada
  • Loves: cheese, wine and chocolate
  • Dislikes: Tomatoes!!!
  • Motto: Rock ‘n’ Roll

James O

This will be my second season working in Les Carroz, coming from Anglesey in North Wales. I fell in love with this little gem of a village, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I loved the amazing piste/off piste and I can’t wait to get back and explore where I missed last year.

Snowboard status: intermediate/advanced 

  • What is he good at: Cooking and socialising
  • What is he not so good at: Watching Wales lose in rugby
  • Interest: Snowboarding, paddleboarding, spearfishing, golf, basketball and food
  • Favorite drink: Peroni
  • Loves: Powder days and Carpe Diem (Les Carroz best bar)
  • Dislikes: Whiteouts and wipeouts
  • Motto: You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a lift pass.


Beth is colourful, adventurous, humorous, warm and an outlaw in Peru. (Just kidding!)

Originally from Manchester, England. She is returning to the French Alps for her second winter season, and is loving every minute of it. She hopped off the plane from Cape Town and hopped, skipped and jumped onto the plane to Les Carroz!

She takes great pleasure in human interaction, socializing is a huge part of her life. She adores her old friends, and loves making new ones. Beth loves doing anything that gets her heart racing, especially water sports. (Snow included!) Her long term objective is to live a full, happy life in whatever form that may come.

Snowboard status: Intermediate

  • What is she good at: Staring Contests
  • What is she not so good at: Thumb wars, Racket sports
  • Interest: Kiteboarding, Skating, Snowboarding, Entertaining and Red wine
  • Favorite drink: Spiced rum and coke
  • Loves: Solo dance parties, Pineapple on pizza
  • Dislikes: Double Dipping (!!!)
  • Motto: Occasionally it hits a person that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to