Mark trained to be a chef for 2 years in New York at the Culinary Institute of America and then went on to cook in Michelin starred restaurants throughout the UK. In 2005, he met Nadine at The Vineyard at Stockcross in Berkshire and one year later both decided to move to Scotland, where Mark worked as Sous-chef in The Peat Inn, which is now a Michelin star restaurant. In 2008, Mark decided to return to education and graduated with a Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management from the prestigious Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland. Having always worked as a chef, he wanted to try out the other side of the restaurant and took on the role as Food and Beverage Manager at Rocca Bar & Grill within the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel in St.Andrews, Scotland. In St.Andrews, the home of golf, Mark experienced different types of guests and their demands.

Ski status: ski pro

  • What is he good at: ironing, makes most yummy food ever!!!!
  • What is he not so good at: filing receipts and paperwork in general
  • Interest: loves F1 and Rugby
  • Favorite drink: cider
  • Loves: powder days
  • Dislikes: brussels sprouts and rainy days

Motto: Just get it done!!!


Ski status: Intermediate and totally beginner for snowboarding but the fastest in sledging

  • What is she good at: giving orders, filing, cleaning and organizing everyone else!!!
  • What is she not so good at: cooking, baking or any kind of kitchen work
  • Interest: art, craft, travelling and languages
  • Favorite drink: pink champagne, gin and camomile tea
  • Loves: Donkey’s, cross-stitch and husband of course
  • Dislikes: garden work, hot peppers and slow people

Motto: Everything is possible!


James is returning back for his third season with Book4Alps, fourth season in Les Carroz. An extremely friendly person, happy to help with anything on or off the piste. His adventurous self always makes for an interesting day on the slopes (ending up in rivers, gullies and trees, follow at own risk!). Looking forward to this season enjoying some incredible snowboarding, improving his cooking skills further, seeing old friends, making new friends and generally having a good time.

Ski / Snowboard status: Advance snowboarder

  • What is he good at: Socialising and talking all the time
  • What is he not so good at: Watching Wales lose in rugby
  • Interest: Adventure sports, Food
  • Favorite drink: Peroni
  • Loves: Powder days and Carpe Diem pub in Les Carroz
  • Dislikes: Whiteouts and Wipeouts

Motto: I’ll only have one pint tonight and no waiting for friends on powder days!


Alice is an event management graduate, who was always eager to travel the world. She left Wales 18 months ago to make it happen. Alice loves meeting new people and always trying out new things. Christmas is her favourite time of the year and she could not be happier to be spending her next christmas in the snowy French Alps for the second year in the row. Alice is super excited to get back to Les Carroz to hang out with James.

Ski status: the better side of a beginner! Definitely need some work on my technique

Snowboard status: almost perfect

  • What is she good at: giving advice and throwing myself out of my comfort zone
  • What is she not so good at: remembering where I put something when I hid it in a ‘safe place’
  • Interest: travelling, diving/ snorkelling, music festivals
  • Favourite drink: a glass of Pinot grigio and cups of tea
  • Loves: Christmas, beaches, spending time with my family and friends
  • Dislikes: onions and spiders

Motto: Make memories not good choices! Life is for living.


Sophie loves dogs and wolves, so she studied Zoology to become a wolf biologist. After her studies she traveled and worked in conservation in many different countries. When she arrived back in the UK, she retrained and became a dog trainer. Her itchy feet and love of adventure led her away from the UK again, and she moved to Canada, where she worked in a backcountry lodge in the Rocky Mountains. Sophie loves nature and moving to Canada made her fall in love with mountains. England is too flat!

Ski status: winded myself on the first attempt

Snowboard status: Getting there… slowly

  • What is she good at: Making beds, planning and organising,
  • What is she not so good at: Keeping the kitchen clean when cooking and resisting cookies.
  • Interest: Bread, dogs and reading books.
  • Favorite drink: Red wine and tea. Milk no sugar.
  • Loves: Animals, nature and hiking
  • Dislikes: Soggy bread and going up when mountain biking.

Motto: Life’s too mysterious to take too serious!


Luisa, who grew up in Bavaria close to the alps, originally studied English Literature and Linguistics in Munich. Her love for languages, traveling and most of all mountains made her move to Canada after finishing her studies where she worked in a backcountry lodge in the Rocky Mountains. Luisa loves being outdoors and go hiking and mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter. She is very much looking forward to baking awesome cakes for the guests and enjoying the beautiful scenery close to the Mont Blanc!

Ski status: has been on skis every year since kindergarten

Snowboard status: broke her coccyx during the first attempt, stick to skiing!

  • What is she good at: languages, organisation and keeping calm
  • What is she not so good at: making the bed
  • Interest: languages, traveling, fossils and rocks
  • Favorite drink: red wine
  • Loves: her mountain bike, mountains, skiing
  • Dislikes: aubergines and big spiders

Motto: If you believe, you can achieve!


I’m from West Yorkshire and I’m a graduate of Performance for Stage and Screen, who admittedly hasn’t done a lot with her degree so far. I’ve spent the last few years working, writing, and travelling whenever I could.

I recently went Interrailing solo around Europe for a month, and enjoyed every minute of it and the freedom that came with it…so I’m sure there will be more adventures to come starting with tis season in Les Carroz. I’m looking forward to pushing my boundaries, meeting new people and getting on the snow to discover what hidden talents I have…hopefully without face planting too many times.

Ski / Snowboard status: Absolute beginner but keen to start!

  • What is she good at: Planning, and eating her own bodyweight in Ice cream.
  • What is she not so good at: Keeping quiet during her favourite films.
  • Interest: Films, theatre, travelling and reading.
  • Favorite drink: Tea or Violet gin with lemonade.
  • Loves: Animals, bad jokes, and exploring.
  • Dislikes: Burning herself while cooking, negativity.

Motto: Feel the fear and do it anyway!


Karen comes with a good sense of humour and will be perfect for the Book4Alps office. Karen will be looking after your bookings and will also help to welcoming our guests in the chalets.  Karen is outgoing and loves to travel as often as she can.  This normally means she get’s lost more often than she dares to admit but she thinks that this can also be just as much fun.  She loves being outside in the countryside with her camera and prefers to stay behind the lens than in front. 

Karen has been working in Les Carroz for a few years during the winter season and has been visiting the resort for a lot longer. During the summer, Karen spends her days being paid for working in other peoples gardens.  

Ski / Snowboard status: Intermediate skier. 

  • What is she good at: organising, filing, book keeping, finance, gardening
  • What is she not so good at: dealing with her SatNav and arguing why it goes the wrong way, putting names to face.. Sorry guest!!
  • Interest: reading, photography, skiing, dogs 
  • Favorite drink: Brandy & Coke
  • Loves: Marmite and travelling
  • Dislikes: Mice and people who don’t tell the truth!

Motto : Not all people who wander are lost!


Gus has just finished school this summer and is now taking a gap year before going to university. He has lived on a farm in Devon his whole life, so Gus would like to travel and be away from home for as long as possible over his year out.

He recently went travelling in Armenia with a charity called HALO Trust which clears landmines from old conflict areas, Gus loved the sense of adventure and seeing a completely different part of the world. Trying new things is something he really enjoys, and he thinks working a season in Les Carroz will be an adventure and a great way to meet new people.

Ski / Snowboard status: Intermediate skier, probable not as good as he thinks. 

  • What is he good at: Finishing a tv series on Netflix in one night
  • What is he not so good at: Waiting in queues for chairlifts
  • Interest: Travelling to weird places and trying new food
  • Favorite Drink: Bloody Mary
  • Loves: Dogs, skiing, sailing, food
  • Dislikes: Coriander and slushy snow

Motto: Just go for it!